A world wide network of computers all linked together over the TCP/IP protocol. The Internet allows people to communicate in real time from different continents. Someone in South America can have an online chat with someone in Russia.

All manner of news and information can be accessed through search engines such as Google. All the major news outlets have websites that have free or subscription access to news.

You usually use the Internet via the World Wide Web. You use a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to look things up.

The Internet is not without its problems. Viruses and spyware abound and can major mess up your computer if it becomes infested with them. You need a firewall and antivirus program for safety.
I can look up stuff on the Internet using Google.
by shadowhawk September 16, 2004
George W Bush's name for the internet. It's mentioned in one of the other definitions on this page that his usage is correct. This is purely accidental. Coming from someone who was frighteningly intelligent and a brilliant orator, one might be tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt. But coming from someone who is profoundly unable to form sentences, say 'nuclear', ride bikes, ride Segways or eat pretzels, it's safe to assume that this is just another in a long line of oratorical train wrecks for poor old Bush Jr.
orig.: 'I hear there's rumors on the internets..'

contemp.: 'lol internets'
by frat curl June 23, 2005
A media form that politicians, religious nuts, and soccer moms have tried in vain to control. Whatever is posted here is free for the taking, whether it be MP3s, porn, warez, or software.
The sex industry owns the Internet now.
by sarcastic June 23, 2003
Naked woman picture finder
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
the currency used on the internets.
'i paid bob twenty internets because he posted a pic of epic lulz'
by ccaptainpoopypants April 05, 2008
A term used by George W. Bush when he actually had meant to say "Internet":

While it's true that there exists an Internet2, there is no plausible reason to believe that Bush was referring to it, because I have no reason to believe that he is sufficiently technologically literate to be aware of its accidents and (more importantly), Internet2 is used solely as a network with which academic institutions transfer files at extremely high speeds and would therefore not have information about Bush's alleged millitary service foul play.
On the, on the internets
by CommieCowboy August 09, 2005
1.) The only reason 99.9% of people bought a computer.
2.) The solution to everything.
3.) My only friend.
1.) If it weren't for the internet, I would've never spent $700 on this laptop.
2.) Horny? Hook up to the internet for some porn.
Too lazy to do / don't understand your homework? Look up the answers on the internet.
Procrastinating? Go on Youtube.
3.) Usually, people go out to have fun on Fridays after work. But me? I go on the Internet.
/forever alone
by foreveralonexoxo February 04, 2012

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