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Your mom. Mother
my old girl asked me to pick her up somthin at da store.
by LiL Neice April 07, 2003
Can be a number of things. Mostly it's the new flavor of the week, they are called this til they graduate to "Baby Momma" or "The Wife." Often times, old girl is a called this because she is kept on the DL and/or your ashamed of her.
"I think old girl put something in my drink"

Reggie: Whatchu doin tonight?
Ab: Chillin out with old girl.
by Manny Diaz May 01, 2005
the wife, especially if she's been married for many years.
My old girl and I are celebrating our big 25th together, and we've still got the hots for each other! ;-)
by mastergeemoe February 03, 2015
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