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1 n. A serious thing
2 n. A situation or a circumstance
3 n. A plan or a plot
4 n. Someone you're sleeping with
5 n. AIDS
6 n. something you dont want to say out loud e.g. drugs
1 Yah bey Garrett! Das a wibe ey!
2 Bey thats a serious wibe dred!
3 Show dem da wibe.....
4 Das ya wibe bey? Das my boy wibe too! I hear she gat da Wibe!!!!
5 Das ya wibe bey? Das my boy wibe too! I hear she gat da Wibe!!!!
6 Bey dey sellin da wibe roun kemp road?/ Truin still, don smoke all da wibe up!
by J. Bethel June 25, 2007
A bahamian word used as:
1. v The act of dating someone else (wibing)
2. n A relationship
3. n A fight or grudge with someone
4. v The act of fighting or holding a grudge with intetion to fight (wibing)
5. n Anything that you cant remember the word for

Derived from "vibe" derived from "vibration"
1. yea him an michele wibin'
2. jack and jill had a wibe goin one
3. you gat wibe wit me?
4. me and him wibin'
5. i been to get dat wyb yesterday but dey ain had none left
by Garrett C June 11, 2004
A Bahamian word, also spelt "wyb", that carries several connotations:
1 n. A thing
2 n. A problem; A situation; A grudge (Can be used interchangeably in certain cases)
3 n. A feud between persons; A grudge

v. Wibin; A on-going feud
4 n. A serious thing
5 n. A plan or plot; Also used interchangeably with "Scene"; Something
6 n. Used to refer to someone in a sexual context; Refers to genitals
7 n. AIDS
8 n. *A code word used as a synonym for something you don't want to say out loud e.g. drugs

P.S: This is an expansion of J. Bethel's definition of the Bahamian colloquial term.
1 "Gimmie dah wibe deh solja."
Standard English: "Give me that thing there."

2 "Woik dis Math wibe?"
SE: "Solve/work this Math problem?"

"Syuh wyb king!"
SE: "That's your problem!"

"Bey les deal wit dis wibe."
SE: "Let's deal with this problem."

3 "S'gyal is ceh on lyk she gat a wibe wit me."
SE: "This girl carries on as if she has a grudge against me."

4 "Suh wibe hey!"
SE: "That's a serious thing!"

5 "I gah one wibe to show you king."
SE:"I have something to show you."

"So wuh da wibe is den?"
SE: "So what's the plan then?"

"Show dem da wibe..."
SE: "Show them the plan..."

6 "Das ya wibe deh aye?"
SE: "Is that your cutta?"

"Bey dy een juice da wibe yet?!"
SE: "You haven't had sex with her as yet?!"

"Bey dogg I beat da wibe dead bad las night solja! Bey wuh?! Beat she dead bad lion! Fock! Yall tawt I was clownin aye? Ooh? Not fockin me! Chu tawt?"
SE: "I devoured that vagina last night in sexual intercourse! What?! I slew it! Fuck! You all thought I was joking? Who? Not fucking me! What did you think?"

"Huh wibe tyt too king!"
SE:"Her vagina is very tight!"

"He wibe small bey! Cheapus I did juice a fockin straw."
SE: "His penis is very small! I should have just had sex with a straw."

7 "Dog I hear she gat da Wibe!"
SE: "I heard that she has AIDS!"

8 "Bey dey sellin da wibe roun Kemp Road?
SE: Are they selling drugs/(*) around Kemp Road?
by 242Ladi May 31, 2013
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