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127 definitions by Jimbo

A real friend is someone who:

a)it's okay to fart in front of.

b)you don't mind talking to on the bus for atleast 20 minutes.

c)can borrow $5 and never has to pay it back

d)you'll actually call up do stuff.
Bob: "Hey Jim, you wanna go see a show downtown"
Jim: "Sorry man, I'm broke, and how are we gonna get there."
Bob: "No problem, I'll lend you the 5 bucks and we'll take the bus."
Jim: "Yeah, okay" (loud farting sound)
Bob: "Whoah! That was a good one!

Bob and Jim are friends.
by Jimbo December 14, 2004
Somebody who will do something fun instead of drink, smoke, spit, swear, fight unlike kevs
Skater 1 "Lets go skatin dude"
Skater 2 "Why not"
Skater 3 "Lets see if we can 360 flip that ledge over there"
by Jimbo June 27, 2004
a result from having a vaccuum cleaner for a mate. having somthing suck continuously on your neck until all the blood rushes to that spot and resulting in a "bruise-like" black and purple mark
"damn yo that bitch is like a hoover"
by Jimbo September 22, 2003
A young wrestler who is constantly improving in the ring. He was a great heel and then he became a horrible face. He's a heel again, so all is right in the world.
Randy Orton is entertaining as a heel, but I can't stand him as a face. Now I hope he kicks Undertaker's ass.
by jimbo March 26, 2005
to blow someone off; to be a dick and not respond to someone when they desire to talk.
the hot girl walking down the street IGNORED the scumbag looking guy because she was a bitch, little did she know he was hung like a fuckin' horse...
by Jimbo September 18, 2003
the john doe of negros
look at leroy sitting on his porch
by Jimbo August 22, 2003
A group comprised of Madrox&Monoxide
pumpen out awsome lyrics. Two real juggalos Bitch smacken all the jaggahos
Twiztid was fucken hard core live
by Jimbo May 26, 2003