to be cool or a balla;
yo dawg ur so ice, ur like a cube, i wish i was you
by tyler wasson October 20, 2007
German Highspeed train
I´m gonna travel with the ICE to Berlin.
by Jay16K November 15, 2003
To ejaculate, per se.
"Roger, I iced on your mother last night."
by Dean March 07, 2006
one of the various forms of marijuana. the hairs on it have a blueish tint to them and it smells of petroleum. extremely potent
Ever heard of ice? smells like fucking petroleum. badass shit.
by Tom_Foolery December 06, 2006
Someone who is unable to hold their alcohol and may become inebriated after as few as three(3) Smirnoff Ice. Sometimes performs Flying Ice Kicks in order to defend/humiliate himself.
Chris is such an Icehole! He just threw up all over Alexander.
by University of Texas Tech October 11, 2006

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