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A person who is revered (and usually cheered/applauded) by others as a result of the intensity of his amazingness.
*'Briggs' walking along*
Kid 1: BRIGGS! *clapping*
Kid 2: He's too cool *falls over and dies from a heart attack*
Briggs: *Looks down at kid on ground* Shhh....
by Tom from bermy February 27, 2008
an extremely fierce hot and desirable male who is excellent at anything and everything.
wow. that is one beautiful briggs.
by eanda August 07, 2008
An awesome and hilarious dude who is loved by everybody.
Briggs is such a good friend.
by Awesomeness12345 August 20, 2012
in naval terms a prison - sums up the place well! full of crack heads and chav scum
'lock them up in the Brigg'
by vikki-cd August 20, 2006
A joke of a town, home of only those who partake upon Mickey Mouse degrees, such as American Studies.
"See that boy Sunny... He's a right Brigg."
by howabe November 03, 2004
Pride of England. Home of the mighty Brigg town.
I am a brigg ( I am a God) bow down and worship me!
by Sunny Bhatti November 04, 2004
meaning, "no good"
if you realize you have a project due the next day and you havent started it, you would probably say, "Briggs" or the just as popular, "thats briggs"
You are driving to work, and your car runs out of gas, and you are nowhere near a gas station...Thats Briggs
by thatsbriggs January 09, 2010

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