This is a word that can be used to substitute numerous words. Mainly describing an object as "cool" or "neat".
"Come see my ice'd out car"
"That game I got yesterday is pro-ice"
"The other team was good, but we were ice"
by Devan Smith & Alex Isenor December 27, 2007
The stuff cometses are made up of, including rockses.
Cometses are made up of rockses and ices, and reflect lightses from our Sunses.
by hobo.breakfast May 05, 2006
to present someone with a Smirnoff Ice and require that he/she chug it while on one knee.
"you just got iced" or "you've been iced, bitch!"
by ice brah May 13, 2010
Water in a solidified state. Commonly mistaken for a molecule of some kind in chemistry classes
Jamie: I, C, E? What is I, C, E?!
Whole class: That's ice Jamie
by mej mej February 09, 2008
Slang for anywhere in Antarctica, used by people who live and work at the three U.S. research bases on the continent: Admunsen-Scott South Pole Station, McMurdo Station and Palmer Station. Often used as "The Ice".
After traveling around the world, Scott headed back to the Ice for a summer contract and some righteous snowboarding.
by shooskua May 03, 2006
Alias of an all-around badass p33k4y IRL. See uber and 1337.
OMG Ices p33k4y3d me IRL!
by IRL July 11, 2004
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