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Out Of Character. A term used in roleplay when a person wants to step outside of their character for a minute and speak as themselves.

OOC is shown in a couple of ways, commonly with a label or as double brackets.

((Can I say something for a sec?)) or

OOC: Can I say something for a sec?

OOC's antonym is IC, or BIC-- "In Character" or "Back In Character."
((I'll just step OOC for a second here to say that roleplaying isn't evil and it's not a cult. It's a game.))
by truthfulone November 28, 2003
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Out of character or out of context.

Used in fanfiction to describe a character who has been characterised differently to the canon.
Severus Snape being portayed as a kind, student-loving, tree-hugging human being
by me April 26, 2004
Acronym for "Out of Control". Usually describing someone who's behavior is extreme, irrational, or uncalled for relative to a certain situation or environment. This may result in the person saying or doing something that requires further questioning.
At the office party, Erin was OOC when she danced on tables, and she needed to calm down.
by HarlemHarrier January 04, 2014
an acronym for "Out of Character".

Frequently used in one of two situations:

1. in role-playing, indicating that a person is making a comment, suggestion, etc., that isn't coming from the character but from the person him- or herself.

2. in fanfiction, signaling that the way the author chose to portray the characters (or perhaps unintentionally portrayed them) may not be consistent with how the characters act, think, or speak in the original work on which the fanfiction is based.

OOC is most often used as an adjective, but can also be used as an adverb or, in less common cases, a verb.
1. ((OOC: Might not be on a lot next week. Just giving you a heads-up.))

2. Sorry if it's a little OOC, this is my first fic from his point of view, so it might not be very good...
by Nocci June 07, 2014
out of control

just be
This day is ooc. Emotional roller-coaster? I think so.
What the flying fuck is going on here?
Who the fuck are you guys?
How the ef is this happening?
Is this real life?
by JuicyPineapple February 18, 2015
acronym representing the words "Out Of Control". Commonly yelled at someone after they do something particularly stupid while drunk.
Man, what was with you showing that old lady your balls last night? you were fucking OoC...
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
an acronym that means Out Of Control, but it is pronounced like it is spelled. most of the time it is when you have spent all day drinking and dont remember the last 5 hours of your day. During this blackout phase you literally lose control of your judgement and say and do whatever you want especially if it is in your worst interest.
tony- i dont know what happened last night, but i woke up in a jail cell.
mike- yeah you OOCing out last night, you were hitting on some bouncer's girlfriend and when they threw you out you started throwing snow balls at them.
paul- why didnt you stop me?
mike- I tried but you were too OOC'd out, i just had to let you learn the hard way.
paul- i think i got her number
by Tony Oats December 01, 2006

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