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A common bathroom item that when you step on it, it makes you cry.
Person 1: I'm gonna weigh myself on the scale lol.
Person 2: Don'ttttt. You'll cry.
by Ferrrrrsuree. December 18, 2006
Scottish word for spill, usually used when talking about tea or glass of soft drink.
"Watch yae don't scale that tea!"
by TheDude89 September 26, 2009
A wild bloke, whose mind is often consumed by mathematics or physics.
You know John? Since he started studying at harvard he's become a real Scales...
by Jacky Q August 14, 2010
to climb, or ascend an object of considerable size
"long man, were gunna have to scale this fence"
by mr majestic June 05, 2005
Stretch marks found on women caused by massive weight gain.
Jughead: Damn after Archie chose Veronica, Betty really let herself go. She's even got scales now.
Crowd Of Unnamed Characters: OH MY GOD!
by Willup B January 31, 2011
A term used by secretly gay athletes to express love and affection for eachother. They often use the term negatively to throw off others who do not know of their homosexuality
"Chris, you are so scales." This could mean "Chris, I am very attracted to you."
by gpride October 07, 2008
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