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to blow someone off; to be a dick and not respond to someone when they desire to talk.
the hot girl walking down the street IGNORED the scumbag looking guy because she was a bitch, little did she know he was hung like a fuckin' horse...
by Jimbo September 18, 2003
To not look at or pay attention to
Please ignore this. It's just a test to see how your service works.
by Jim Gura February 16, 2006
when you're talking to someone and they take out his/her iphone and ignore you.
Jack was talking to Kate when Kate whipped out her iphone, completely iGnoring him.

i hate it when people iGnore you.
by janis14242131 February 01, 2010
Not to pay too much attention to someone.
Stephen: You're gonna say Hitler was a racist next!
Hugh: (...)
Stephen: What?
Hugh: Oh, just shut up you blittering twat!

-Here, Hugh was to ignore Stephen-
by casdebom July 15, 2010
Real life definition:

Refuse to take notice of or acknowledge

Definition for internet forums:

Something people will claim to do with the actual intent of NOT ignoring anyone; they just want to leave a conversation but want an excuse as to why they've stopped responding. However they never actually ignore the person because they still want to see what he or she is saying about them.
mathguy44: Actually "1.999..." is exactly 2. When you get to high school you'll learn this.

awsomeguy69: sorry but your just stupid. welcome to my ignore list looser
by auaiomrn April 24, 2011
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