When a certain situation or person is past just looking 'nice' they are considered ice. When something good comes ones way the situation could be deemed ice.
'yo holmez i heard tha new lambo iz out this month!' 'yea yea! that shyt is iceee yo!'
by Big EM December 05, 2009
Said as ice. Stands for: Inappropriate Chub Exposure. When fat rolls are clearly visible from a chubby person's fashion choices.
Damn, that girl has some serious I.C.E. going on. She needs to go home and change.
by CrashPro October 18, 2009
Expensive jewelry, typically laced with diamonds and over $60. Standardly seen among scene kids and gangsters, more or less.
ximadinorawrrrx: yo girl, das some srs ice!

xoxcoretodaMAXX: thx gurl, got it from kiki kannibal!

ximadinorawrrrx: soo scenee.
by dead route March 27, 2009
ice: meaning to be dissed and then to be said
some one talks about my mother and i dont say nothing back u say ice
by black234life March 05, 2009
A Particularly Frigid Girl.
"Damn bro', you ain't getting in on that ice"
by SQUID WARD February 14, 2009
Water in a solidified state. Commonly mistaken for a molecule of some kind in chemistry classes
Jamie: I, C, E? What is I, C, E?!
Whole class: That's ice Jamie
by mej mej February 09, 2008
This is a word that can be used to substitute numerous words. Mainly describing an object as "cool" or "neat".
"Come see my ice'd out car"
"That game I got yesterday is pro-ice"
"The other team was good, but we were ice"
by Devan Smith & Alex Isenor December 27, 2007

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