A warm hug/cuddle under the jumper of another person. One person envelopes the other under their clothing and gives them a warm hug.
John gave Jane a warm huggle under his jumper.
by bluebec March 13, 2006
Top Definition
a hug from a person who stand behind another person and wraps his/her arms around the person in front.
I need a huggle. Arms are wrapped around me from the person behind creating an intimate moment between two lovers.
by ss-candy March 02, 2010
1. When all you want to do is hold a close friend or lover so tight, but you end up cuddling in each others arms without even noticing. Than seconds just turn to minutes and minutes to hours and your still deep in each others arms without a care for the world. Usually ending in an unforgettable kiss.

2. Better than a hug, more amazing than cuddling.
Panda gave penguin a big hug and which turned into cuddling (huggle) as she sat down with him they talked and talked never letting go of each other, and right before they had to head back they kissed.

One amazing huggle moment.
Two kisses.
Not nearly enough time with her<3
by PenguinLovesPanda December 05, 2009
Its both a hug and cuddle combinded into one move.
Can I get some huggles?
I was with may girlfriend last night and I gave her lots of huggles.
by Smythe February 27, 2003
- This is the best type of hug in the whole wide world. Warm, affectionate, and loving, so completely different to just a hug.
- I have only experienced this type of hugging with one person in my whole life... the best feeling ever. When you have been huggled it will stay with you for ever.
by honey bearess August 27, 2005
Huggles: A huggle is when you hug and you snuggle all in one.
Example: Lets huggle under the stars
1)Lets huggle together under the stars
2)Baby I know you dont feel good tonight so lets huggle.
by Urban Dictionary March 09, 2005
verb. A hug with a bit of snuggle thrown in for good measure.
Steve huggled the sweet girl.
by Steve February 06, 2004
The act of hugging, cuddling and snuggling all in one go. Often the best kind of hugs you'll ever experience and generally a way of showing vast amounts of affection for a single person.
''.... gives the best huggles, they make me feel all warm inside.''
by Fairy_Char July 11, 2005
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