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A hug is an affectionate embrace with someone special. It encompasses sharing your space with the person, sharing your heart, sharing your spirit, sharing your energy and sharing your love.

A true hug will illicit magic and it can be felt by both people in embrace. When you are in love with someone, give them a hug to talk their worries, hurts, anxiety, sadness and pain away.
to truly embrace who your loved one is within, you have to embrace him and know him through a hug.
by hug1234 June 07, 2010
Something that will always resolve quarrels.
A hug is a genuine 'I love you' or 'I miss you.' A hug can also mean 'I adore you.' Best friends can give each other hugs too. It mends heartache, a hug represents peace and love.
I need a hug.
by pseudonymhug February 27, 2013

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