Another word for one person hugging another affectionately.
Usually a term used in chatrooms.
i've had a shit day....Aww hope you feel better *huggles*
by The Tall Midget May 29, 2007
To hug, squeeze, or cuddle someone in a freindly, entergetic, or loving way. Usually used as an internet term
Mae Huggled him tightly
He huggled her happily
by nekobaby89 July 03, 2003
to hug somebody in a cute, close way
i really need a huggle!!
by £óZzißåbË August 08, 2005
A combined hug/cuddle (or hug/snuggle according to some speakers). Warmer, softer, and friendlier than the ordinary hug.
Grandma always loved to huggle us when we were kids.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 17, 2006
Huggles, means to give big hug and its just a funny word that is hard to say w/ a straight face.
Hey Megan! Come here and give me huggles.
by The Cool Kiddies August 17, 2006
A mix of the two words hug and cuddle. But more affectionate than a hug.
A love word, used between couples or best friends.
Could I have a huggle please?
Huggle me please darling.

by mel July 08, 2004
a cross between a hug and a cuddle
on rainy days, I just want to huggle with someone
by english honors 12 October 15, 2012

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