A cross between a hug and a snuggle. This being something that is only done online. It would be quite difficult to do IRL. Primarily used to offer condolenses or display friendship toward someone. Often used after a sentence to show emotion.
I'm sorry about your loss. *huggles*
Thank you for dinner last night. *huggles*
by Jason Pf July 30, 2003
half hug, half snuggle.
If you missed your boyfriend a great deal since you've last seen him, you may give him a huggle rather than a normal hug.
by Mallory August 20, 2003
This is a special type of hug that can only come from a close friend or someone you love. They tend to be very long, warn and extra special hugs, normally to make on feel better.
Jane had such an awful day in school, so her boyfriend gave her lots of huggles
by emowench June 17, 2008
it's a hug+snuggle=combined into a huggle, see?
A huggle!
Plural form:Hugglez or huggles
Also see:glomp
B:Hey!*huggles back*
A: you are so cool!
B:Aww!Thanks!You are too!*huggles more*

by mind yourbeeswax December 26, 2005
It's more than a hug, but less than a cuddle, somewhere in between.
"Can i have a huggle?"
by angelic_creature June 18, 2004
It is the most amazing feeling ever, everything else just fades away as you melt into the arms of the one you love dearly, finally you can relax and be happy because she's safe and with you. There's nothing like it in this world, and in your heart you're always thanking her for giving you this experience.
by MatthewArnoldRussiaBillWolfy September 02, 2008
Plural form / present tense of huggle. Often used in online chat.
Can I have some huggles?

*huggles so-and-so*
by Frungi April 22, 2005

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