The process of hugging someone. Commonly used in online chats, or role-plays. When role-playing when someone hugs you and you want to hug them back instead of saying *gets huged and hugs back* you can simply say *huggles*
Lets go huggle the tree. *huggles the tree*
Hey *Huggles*
by allison cho November 07, 2007
A sweet form of expression in which one hugs and snuggles at the same time, usually used with friends or someone you closely care about, sweet gesture often used to cheer someone up when they're having a bad day :]
When a guy goes behind a girl and wraps his arms around her and snuggles with her causing it to be a Huggle. When the girl was having a bad day, her friend huggled her, so she wouldn't feel as sad.
by Cheescake911 February 11, 2012
Combination of a hug and a cuddle.
The puppy was so cute I had to give it a huggle.
by Bunichow August 05, 2010
To hug and snuggle simultaneously.
"When I'm feeling down, a good huggle always makes me feel better."
by mcondon July 11, 2009
Huggle (n) a wonderful action, one that is warm and comforting, but without the extreme familiarty of a hug or uncomfortable silence after pity sex.

Huggle (v) to perform a Huggle.
Elisa's painful divorce finally went through, and she was upset. Her friend gave her a huggle and reminded her that everything would be alright.
by Camerazn August 27, 2006
When you're SNUGGLING in a HUG! (it's really yummy)
Personally, I like to huggle with Andy while watching My Super Sweet 16 or Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.
by Jessa March 01, 2005
1. A Huggle is when your cuddling with someone and hugging them at the same time.

2. A Huggle is awesome for when your upset.
The Boy Was Huggleing His Dog.
via giphy
by Tylertops July 07, 2016
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