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30 definitions by Mallory

A license to stalk anyone and everyone who has access to this website.
You can find anyone you want, simply just by clicking on other people's myspaces until you find someone you think is "hot". Then once you're their "friend", you feel like you know so much about them and you've never even met them before.
by Mallory April 03, 2005
359 134
a sex position performed the way dogs do
we were doing it doggy
by mallory March 01, 2005
421 235
a stupid ass who aint got no common sense
Are blue birds blue??? OMFG!!! You're such a funking crip!
by Mallory November 13, 2003
616 459
A female that likes females..AKA lesbian.
"You mean Sarah's a lezzy now?? I could have sworn she liked dick!"
by Mallory September 26, 2003
78 23
half hug, half snuggle.
If you missed your boyfriend a great deal since you've last seen him, you may give him a huggle rather than a normal hug.
by Mallory August 20, 2003
154 113
big ass red nipples
daaaayum that girl has some busted pepperonis!
by Mallory January 06, 2004
41 18
A girl who mashes clams with another girl
That girl is a total clam masher
by Mallory January 06, 2004
24 3