A Huggle is a hug that is almost like cuddling but your standing up. It usually lasts more than 5 minutes and the euphoria from it all is enough to make even enemies become friends. You can Huggle from the front, back or even the side. There are different variations of the Huggle, some more intimate then others. A few Hugglers like to kiss while they huggle.
I went to the beach and we Huggled as we watched the sunset.
#hugglers #huddling #cuddle #huggles #hugging
by CecA March 29, 2011
The kind of hug mixed in with a snuggle which makes you feel safe and warm. One which you can't wait to receive off your loved one and will go round to see them just to get one. It may be used as a term of endearment or used as a private joke sent within a text message as well as being acted out in reality as stated above.
*JD huggled Julie good*
#huggle #hug #endearment #snuggle #love
by Julie from Scrubs December 27, 2006
A cross between a hug, snuggle, and cuddle.
I want to huggle your face off!
#hug #snuggle #cuddle #hugging #hugs
by swong September 06, 2012
(v) the act of giving extreme hugs. Huggles are above and beyond regular hugs, and should be reserved for those who have done something spectacular for you.
"Hey man, I gave that girl some GHB and left her in your room."

"Thanks buddy, huggles!"
#hugs #*huggles* #hugles #embrace #hold me
by zunited July 10, 2008
a hug, that lasts for a long duration; can be described as a cuddle in which the other person is holding
Girl: My boyfriend gave me a hug that lasted for 10 seconds or so.
Friend: Yeah, you must have enjoyed his huggle.
#hug #cuddle #love #hold #sweet #cute
by green-apple October 26, 2012
cuddles and hugs all wraped up in one cute bundle
i wanna give her huggles
#hugs #cuddles #cheese #bum #fun
by stubear December 07, 2011
word originated from combining the words, hugs and snuggle together. It basically means a hug where you nuzzle someone's neck. It can also mean a sort of humping-hug too. Just depends on the context of it's usage.
John huggles Jane.
#hug #huggies #humphug #hughump #hugglehump
by Asheranna McButtkinz May 06, 2011
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