a person in charge; a director or leader.
hey! its the head of microsoft
by Jake January 01, 2004
1) The part of the body containing sensory organs and brain.
2) The front or top part of something
3) Magnificent 1968 psychedelic movie starring the Monkees.
1) He punched me in the head.
2) The head of the flagpole was round.
3) Head.
by Nat Rator July 04, 2003
someone that is total fucked either on drugs or alcohol
they was out of their heads
by Laura June 03, 2003
the bathroom,aplace to shit and piss
Damn i have to go to the head man.
by kyle April 28, 2003
That lame ass clothing company that makes tennis gear
by Lenny March 31, 2003
to go somewhere else. Shortened of "time to head off"
well, lets head.
by Scott West January 29, 2003
Short for "cool head." In the late 1960's through the middle 1970's, anyone who was called a "cool head" or just a "head," was an intense party person. (Southern California)They may have only been into one substance (pot) or the entire gamut. Therefore the name, "head shops" on the west coast. What people would call a "smoke shop" today. They use to be the Disneyland for stoners, but no more.

Because of law enforcement efforts to put these people in jail, code words were used to protect your allies. Nothing has changed.
He's a head, he has the best stuff.
by oldtimer68 May 24, 2011

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