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The task of throwing yourself at the ground and missing.
Birds can fly, they do this using flight.
#fly #ground #up #down #bird
by Solland March 07, 2008
1. The act of flying.

2. The power or ability to fly.

3. A journey made by flying.

4. An enactment of one's fantasy.
Everyone has the power of flight. The trick is to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Difficulty arises because if one is truly trying properly to throw themselves at the ground and fails to miss, chances are that one will fail to miss the ground quite hard.

Once flight is achieved, it is vital not to listen to what anyone else says, because they are most likely to say something like, "my GOD! You can't possibly be flying!" And if you are so unfortunate as to hear someone say this, you are very likely to believe what they are saying and suddenly what they are saying will prove to be true.
by Downstrike May 23, 2004
short for flight jacket. Pretty much any lightweight jacket that you wear to survive the fall season in NYC.
--Yo, toss me my flight, I left it on that chair. Thanks!
#light #bomber #jacket #chilly #new york city
by TheBx41 September 20, 2012
SOme good ass marijuana that when send you on a great trip. Flight is short for Top Flight as in top flight smoke.
Yo, put down that swagI got some flight we can smoke.
by Eric B June 08, 2004
Flight means you are bout to be high as hell.
Yo whats good homie im at the airportgot dat loud and bout to get on this flight hopefully no turbulence. See u when i touchdown
#flight #high #taking a flight #takeoff #flying
by Nik da Prezzy November 28, 2011
So fly that it is way past that cool awesome stage, so it is in flight.
Josh: Did you see that!?! Dude that was so fly, we shoulda videod it!
Alex: Man, that's way past fly! It's in flight!
#fly #fresh #cool #awesome #rad
by J. Flight July 03, 2010
An insanely attractive female who can pitch a tent in under a second.
The flight walked in and water started to boil.
by Andy Sipos February 16, 2005
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