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now givin head is gr8 make sure u use ur tongue in a circular motion at the tip of penis that is the sensative part!
if u ae doin it for pleasure then spit
bein polite swallow tryin to inpress that gergal
by posh shelly January 03, 2005
Sucking on a man or womans head.
Megan gave Simon head.
by AAAAAAA December 15, 2004
sucking a guys cock
she gave him head
by jeremiah November 13, 2003
what guys get from a hoe/guy when their sex life is terrible...somehow its tha easy way
I can't get no pussy? At least suck my d*ck
by Lauren aka L Boogie October 26, 2003
The opposite of tails, and half-opposide of the mysterious side.
I flipped a coin, and it was heads.
by n/a August 09, 2003
sucking of a penis, basically making out with a penis
after we had sex, she gave me head
by jalen March 30, 2005
a cool person, a user you can trust
"That guy's an old Head, he's been around a long time and he's totally cool. Look's like he's headed down to the head shop."
by deebugg June 03, 2008