when you go down on male/female using oral. dont have to be partners, you can be single and a slut.
usualy what me and sioni-puff do most nights, i love head, dannnng !
by wozzi-puff February 20, 2009
U.S. Marine Corps- any restroom, bathroom, latrine, commode, place for bodily excretion on a Marine Corps base or simply referred to by a marine. Sometimes includes showers.
Origin: needs clarification
Gunnery Sergeant got pissed off during the locker inspection, so he hulled a full footlocker into the head and emptied it into a commode.
by ChrisEm February 15, 2009
Similar to the words, falcon, or dome piece, head is a term used to refer to someone. It is a stand-in for other inferior words such as 'bro' or 'dude.' You can call someone a 'head' in direct conversation or refer to someone as a 'head.' Like, someone can say that there are mad heads at this ripper, or like, head, lets booze.
JM: Yo head, lets get grab that 30 rack and kill those in my room piece.
Jack: Nahhh, falcon, lets booze those on the bleachers.
by J Wall May 04, 2007
Used in UK Grime Culture to refer to people.
There were bare heads in Maccy D's today - There were a lot of people in McDonald's today.
by Blatant February 11, 2007
this is a slang for a Blowjob
Person 1: "Damn nigga dis bitch give head good as hell"
Person 2: "Ayo you gone let me have summa dat?"
by TST November 11, 2006
The leader of a race in prison/jail. There are smaller heads such as pod heads. They report to the lead head for the whole installation. The head creates and enforces all rules. The head is usually voted in and cannot be challanged. The head will also enforce rules with torpedos. He can either order a a stomp, a killing, or a chinstrap for punishment. Among races, only a head can insult another head. A head can decide when to go to war with another race.
One of the chicano's called the kinfolk's head a bitch. The head talked to the chicano's head about the disrespect and the chicano's will take care of their own.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
a bathroom on a boat
I had to puke in the head, cause I got seasick
by JB07 March 28, 2004

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