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A slang for a womans vagina. Also used as a generic insult
That chick has such a nice cunt I wanna do her

Matt is being such a cunt
by DizzyLizzy November 19, 2006
When you have a wad of cash and throw it in the air in a strip club, ''making it rain'' It's also a song by Fat Joe
I make it rain on dem hoes
by DizzyLizzy January 21, 2007
The womans eqivilent to having a boner/erection/ejactulation/ etc...
I got my girlfriend wet last night
by DizzyLizzy November 21, 2006
Scorpios are the best! Celebrities that have this sign inculde Whoopi Goldburg, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jon Heder, Ciara, and Kelly Osborne. Scorpios are the best. Although they can be a bit secrective, they are awsome. Best in bed.
I'm a Scorpio and proud!!
by DizzyLizzy May 30, 2006
The woman that brainwashed my mom to stop buying soda. Forever
Chick on oprah: ''And I lost 40 pounds after cutting soda out of my life completley!

My mom: *brainwashed* Must. Stop. Buying. Soda.
by DizzyLizzy January 19, 2007
A place where I can get some pizza and get molested at the same time
At chuck e. cheese you eat cruddy pizza while a guy in a mouse suit fondles your dick
by DizzyLizzy December 23, 2006
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