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The proper area on which to apply HeadOn.
"HeadOn apply directly to the forehead!"
"HeadOn apply directly to the forehead!"
"HeadOn apply directly to the forehead!"
"HeadOn apply directly..."

*shotgun blast*
#commerical #annoying #forehead #headon #zombie
by ring ring ring ring ring ring ring November 16, 2006
that annoying thing on my face which repulses any female in a ten mile radius, and also is causing life to be a living hell ..... yay
chris has a very big forehead .. and is hence called forehead ... stupid forehead
by xxRosscorexx May 01, 2004
A blowjob received while out golfing, preferably in the driver's seat of a golf cart. Similar to road head.
Man, it was really backed up when we got to the 17th tee. So I drove the golf cart around behind some bushes and my girlfriend gave me some wicked forehead. FORE!!!!
#blowjob #head #oral sex #sucking cock #road head
by winck June 09, 2009
A patch of skin on your face that covers the frontal lobe, commonly used for head butting.
I came on her forehead so she head butted my balls.
#zidane #lobe #brain #cummed #her
by Balfdor June 16, 2007
An insult implying a lack of thought or stupidness. Derived from the lack of mass behind your forehead.
"What a forehead! That guy just cut us off!!"
#idiot #fore head #stupid #dumb #dummy
by pinkpower4810 June 11, 2009
An up and coming college drinking card game created by students from UAlbany, ACP, and Utica College. In this game everyone sticks a playing card to their head. The players then take turns drawing a card and guessing if its higher or lower than the card on their head. If they guess correctly they make someone else take a drink, if they are incorrect they take a drink. They go around 7 times each. At the end of seven rounds everyone makes one guess to guess their card. If they are correct the draw an additional card and make someone drink for that amount of time (in seconds). If they are incorrect they draw a card and they must drink for that amount of time (in seconds). The last winner of the game shuffles the cards for the next round.
Dude I was at UAlbany last night and they were playing that new drinking game Forehead .... I don't remember much after that.
#drinking game #cards #beer pong #flip cup #kings #college
by M1k3M1z April 10, 2011
The pelvic area above a man's penis in which hair grows.
"Shit! I forgot to shave my forehead today!"
#shit #shave #gooch #penis #vagina
by Brendan Siepietowski July 10, 2008
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