Short for "cool head." In the late 1960's through the middle 1970's, anyone who was called a "cool head" or just a "head," was an intense party person. (Southern California)They may have only been into one substance (pot) or the entire gamut. Therefore the name, "head shops" on the west coast. What people would call a "smoke shop" today. They use to be the Disneyland for stoners, but no more.

Because of law enforcement efforts to put these people in jail, code words were used to protect your allies. Nothing has changed.
He's a head, he has the best stuff.
by oldtimer68 May 24, 2011
1. Oral for men

2. The thing sitting on you neck, you know it holds you mouth and eyes and shit. (this is most often used a way to insult someones' intelligence)

3. A person with a large cranium.
1. "My girlfriend gave me the best head I have ever had, dude."

2. "Umm...My lips, nose, eyes and such are locate on my head. Dumb Ass!"

3. "There is this dude that when to my High School and he had a HUGE cranium. So we called him Head."
by NOS BOD January 27, 2009
Head refers to another buddy, or even oneself. Can even mean jubilation as in Heeeeeeeeeead.
So what did head bowl today?

Heads feeling annoyed right now.

Look, heads tryin to score with that chic over there. I wonder if he'll be successful.

by happy head March 18, 2007
an awesome awesome movie with the monkees
Head is an awesome go buy it
by a person June 09, 2005
A fucking CRAZY ex-member of Korn who thinks that God talks to him and wants to kill 50 Cent.
Head forgot to take his pills, so he quit Korn and wrote a poem about a shitty rapper.
by Peaches March 30, 2005
Talkin shit about someone
"Ol'gurl was talkin hella head on u cuz!"
by Bby_Grl_N_KC March 17, 2005
sucking a guys cock
she gave him head
by jeremiah November 13, 2003
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