A person who is knowlegable about hip-hop... a hip-hop head.
That DJ is a real head.
by bluemiles October 05, 2005
In Boston, MA – slang for a kill when referring to a weapon, usually a handgun, with a homicide on it – hence – a head
that 9mm has a head on it
by "G" January 11, 2004
1) The part of the body containing sensory organs and brain.
2) The front or top part of something
3) Magnificent 1968 psychedelic movie starring the Monkees.
1) He punched me in the head.
2) The head of the flagpole was round.
3) Head.
by Nat Rator July 04, 2003
someone that is total fucked either on drugs or alcohol
they was out of their heads
by Laura June 03, 2003
That lame ass clothing company that makes tennis gear
by Lenny March 31, 2003
1. Oral for men

2. The thing sitting on you neck, you know it holds you mouth and eyes and shit. (this is most often used a way to insult someones' intelligence)

3. A person with a large cranium.
1. "My girlfriend gave me the best head I have ever had, dude."

2. "Umm...My lips, nose, eyes and such are locate on my head. Dumb Ass!"

3. "There is this dude that when to my High School and he had a HUGE cranium. So we called him Head."
by NOS BOD January 27, 2009
#1 When you suck a dick.
#2 When you talk shit.
BillyBob: Sally, you talk alotta head but you don't give none!!!
by SuperPinky December 12, 2007

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