1) The end of your penis.

2) The act of sucking one's penis.

3) The top-most part of your body.
When you go down on me, start by running your tongue on the head of my cock.
by sculpted October 30, 2011
U.S. Marine Corps- any restroom, bathroom, latrine, commode, place for bodily excretion on a Marine Corps base or simply referred to by a marine. Sometimes includes showers.
Origin: needs clarification
Gunnery Sergeant got pissed off during the locker inspection, so he hulled a full footlocker into the head and emptied it into a commode.
by ChrisEm February 15, 2009
oral sex when the girl (or guy, if you're gay) sucks on the head of the penis
"oh man she gave me great head"
by liz knows all December 17, 2007
Similar to the words, falcon, or dome piece, head is a term used to refer to someone. It is a stand-in for other inferior words such as 'bro' or 'dude.' You can call someone a 'head' in direct conversation or refer to someone as a 'head.' Like, someone can say that there are mad heads at this ripper, or like, head, lets booze.
JM: Yo head, lets get grab that 30 rack and kill those in my room piece.
Jack: Nahhh, falcon, lets booze those on the bleachers.
by J Wall May 04, 2007
this is a slang for a Blowjob
Person 1: "Damn nigga dis bitch give head good as hell"
Person 2: "Ayo you gone let me have summa dat?"
by TST November 11, 2006
(noun) someone addicted to or extremely into something
Shaun in always buying mixed tapes and CD's, he is such a head.
by Jovan King March 29, 2006
1.In the Navy and the Marine Corps, term used to refer to the bathroom/restroom.


3.The upper part of most of the animal kingdom, usually including a pair of eyeballs or more.
" I want that head so clean that even the Virgin Mary would be proud to go and take a shite in it ! ( quote from Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the movie classic " Full Metal Jacket")
by gigantus March 11, 2006
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