when someone sucks your knob
my girlfriend gave me head
by hob nobs knob jobs June 13, 2014
Head is a term used to describe a serious marijuana user in the 70's & 80's. the origins are still unknown but it's a wide belief it was an abbreviation of the term "pot-head" but a lot of old timers disagree.
"Hey, bro! On your way, could you pick me up some papers at the head-shop?"
by GOrimace December 22, 2012
when you go down on male/female using oral. dont have to be partners, you can be single and a slut.
usualy what me and sioni-puff do most nights, i love head, dannnng !
by wozzi-puff February 20, 2009
this is a slang for a Blowjob
Person 1: "Damn nigga dis bitch give head good as hell"
Person 2: "Ayo you gone let me have summa dat?"
by TST November 11, 2006
(noun) someone addicted to or extremely into something
Shaun in always buying mixed tapes and CD's, he is such a head.
by Jovan King March 29, 2006
1.In the Navy and the Marine Corps, term used to refer to the bathroom/restroom.


3.The upper part of most of the animal kingdom, usually including a pair of eyeballs or more.
" I want that head so clean that even the Virgin Mary would be proud to go and take a shite in it ! ( quote from Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the movie classic " Full Metal Jacket")
by gigantus March 11, 2006
a person who smokes pot a lot. A stoner, pothead, drugee and whatnot.
Man that kid is such a head. He leaves school everyday at lunch to go smoke bowls.
by youchoose January 01, 2004

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