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A complete douche who goes around telling everyone about the new mountain dew cans.
Chris- "Hey, Mark did you see the new Mountain Dew cans?"
Mark- "Chris shutup, your being a real mountain dew-che bag right now!"
by Chris_Wright February 18, 2009
A sandwich so jam packed that when you take a bite everything falls out of the bottom through a massive hole that spontaneously opens up.
Dude, I made this sweet turkey club, but when i took a bite it turned out to be a trapdoor sandwich.
by Chris_Wright March 05, 2009
A musical act that became popular by selling their souls to the Disney music label.
Dude, you like the Jonas Brothers?!? But their such mouseketools!
by Chris_Wright April 07, 2009
The most beat moment in a Halo 3 multiplayer game where when attempting a beatdown both you and your target simultaneously beat each other down. This unwarranted death usually results in the end of a killing spree and a profanity ridden verbal crusade against the opposing team.
Johnny- "OK, 2 more kills for a killing frenzy!"
Joshy- "Fuck the sniper! Beat that bitch down!
John goes in for the beatdown, but they both kill each other
Johnny- FUCKKK!!! That was such a beat beatdown! Those fucking prepubescent niggers on the other team are fucking glitching!!!!!
Joshy- Or.... maybe you just suck....
by Chris_Wright April 22, 2009
Use: Verb
To botch, ruin, or execute poorly
Chris- "Hunter, how'd you do on the test?"
Hunter- "I completley gingered it, I should have studied more!"
by Chris_Wright February 20, 2009
The phrase used to justify hooking up with an ugly or sub-par chick.
Jack- Yo dude I finally got with that Katie chick!
Nick- Nice bro, is she hot?
Jack- Head is head bro.
Nick- I'll take that as a no...
by Chris_Wright June 12, 2009
The act of receiving head while in a bathtub/pool/hottub/ocean/etc.
You might wanna clean your pool cause your mom gave me aquahead in it last night and i came all over your shallow end.
by Chris_Wright July 01, 2009
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