Common term used to describe a large bottle of alcohol which is usually about 1.75 Liters.
yo ill give you fifty bucks for a handle of jager!
by p-dawg from compton May 29, 2006
To deal with some one violently for an infraction. A guy who comes at your family or lady may need to be handled.
This dude banged my man and then talked about him on my block. I'm gonna handle this dude
by Ken215 June 25, 2006
The ability to dribble the ball well in basketball.
"That pointguard was really good."
"Yeah, he had mad handle."
by Wiarumas December 16, 2005
a pony-tail...well, at least in prison.
that new fella in 101 is kinda cute...and he came with a handle.
by anon-emous November 09, 2004
An alias by which real hackers often call themselves.
Joe Shmoe's Handle is:
Supa Cool Penguin Kid 3298473298754!
A group of three people that hang out together a lot. Used in specific terms, it is often preceded by another word or words to distinguish it from other handles.
Cindy, Dakota, and Jonnathon are best friends; they comprise the Pan Handle.
by Buffalo March 11, 2006
To go after
Ooh! She's fly.. I gotta handle her!
by MiZz B August 05, 2003

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