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When frozen, one of the best chcolate bars in the world!
this frozen Kit Kat is the shit!
by Sklar May 04, 2003
The funniest man alive, and the founder of story telling gangsta rap. Ice-t on Rick James: "You start gettin' high, you got all that money, sooner or later you're going to end up with a bitch tied up in the closet."
Ice-t should go into stand up comedy.
by sklar December 12, 2003
Usually said in Basketball, it applys to someone who has god dribbling skills.
You see Iverson last night? He has mad handles
by Sklar May 03, 2003
People who think that they can rap to Hip-Hop beats but are all Pop Stars. see nelly, justin timberlake or Ja Rule
Did you know Ja Rule is Hip-Pop?
by Sklar June 02, 2003
Tedshot (n)- To shoot someone in the head, especially when they werent expecting it, and/or from behind, Ted-Bundy style. A counterstrike term that originated in westside Highland Lakes.
Person one runs into tunnel
Person two is waiting and when person 1 walks by person 2 shoots person 1 in the back of the head TEDSHOT!
by Sklar June 30, 2004
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