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chiefly british slang:
1. kip (n): a rooming house; a room or bed in a rooming house.
2. kip (n): "bed."
3. kip (n): "nap;" "rest;" "bit of sleep."
4. kip (vi; kipped, kipping): "sleep." sometimes used with "down," equivalent to "bed down."

etymology: danish "kippe," "cheap inn."
2. after working that double shift, we were all ready for the kip.
3. "it's 6 a.m., and even big ben is trying to get his head down for a kip." -- the beautiful south, "from under the covers."
4. you take the bed, i'll kip down on the sofa.
by emanon January 10, 2004
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Napoleon Dynamite's Bro
N-"Stay home and eat all the freakin' chips Kip."
K-"Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter."
by jenlynne January 05, 2005
Slang term (Irish)

An untidy, dirty or unattractive place.
"Your bedroom is such a kip, man!"
"Tidy up this kip!"
"Oh, what a fucking kip! Im out of here!"
by niallok October 03, 2006
Northern English Slang for sleep, also Kippin as in Sleeping,

Going to bed or for a lie down, to have a nap.
Gone kip, going for a kip - gone to bed,

Been a kip, had a kip - had a sleep,

Been Kipping - Been sleeping
by JudgeDreadLock April 26, 2011
the act of calling the cops on a party you were not invited to.
"Man, lets totally kip this party, they wont let us in "
by dixonpolice July 22, 2009
Kip: A small, alcohol-dwelling creature of asian origin. When alarmed or distressed, makes a curious sound that has been variously described as "a female wookie" or "whale noises".

This diminutive mammal will krump furiously when challenged, in what scientists believe is a sort of unbearably sexy mating ritual. The natural enemy of the Common or "Garden-Variety" Slut, the Kip is most at home when watching bizarre Japanese video clips or drinkan with other, similar mammals.

The Kip exhibits a curious form of symbiosis with the Rex, a large, wooly-haired and exceptionally handsome beast with the world's largest penis-to-mass ratio. The Rex and the Kip will bond at the slightest opportunity, displaying such behaviour as "hand-hugging" and "making a fist bump and then turning it into a pimpshit fuckin rocket", as scientists have dubbed them. They will then make ridiculous faces at each other until one or the other gives in before becoming fully unclothed and imbibing copious amounts of alcohol.

Scientists believe that this strange species (as well as the Rex) are related to a now-extinct genus known as the Dorkus Malorkus, due to extremely similar behavioral patterns.


a typical conversation between the Kip and the Rex

"I hate you."




Another typical exchange.
by Foolius Decimus Meridius November 01, 2010
to look fashionable almost like modern rock star, but acceptable at the same time. similar to reem.
e.g. skinny jeans, wide-neck skinny tops, leather jackets, boots, long hair...
'that emo kid always has to be looking different shiiit'
'na man, hes just kip'


'maate youre looking well kip today!'
by Zimikan March 05, 2013
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