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(n) A tasty liquor. Goes great with coke. See Captain Morgan or Bacardi and enjoy.
Hey there, bar keep. Let me get a rum and coke and keep em' comin.
by ben October 06, 2003
410 73
a magical drinking which apon sipping, you automatically turn into a pirate
jimmy before rum: whats up dudes?
jummy after rum: ahoy mates! scrub the poop decks! yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
by Allisoooooon February 02, 2007
312 85
a tasty beverage favored mostly by prirates
Pirate: "why is the rum always gone" ?
by lilyrose August 10, 2007
203 69
An alcholic beverage that is usually mixed with other drinks. Havana Club is popular in Cuba. It comes in a variety of flavours and is usually added to anything that you ask for at the bar.
After drinking a few cokes I realized that Juan-Carlos was adding rum to each one. Sweet...
by chhh May 03, 2005
204 102
Best. Damn. Drink. Ever. Add Coka-Cola and a lime and you got a great thing. Drink it stright and it still kicks ass. I recomend Myers's Dark Original (80 Proof) or Bacardi 151 (151 Proof).
When all you gots is Coke and rum, have fun. Get some girls over!!!
by Pimp T-Dawg January 08, 2004
142 67
Liquor, from the caribbean, made out of sugar cane.
"why is the rum always gone?"
"Rum is for drinking not for burning"
by barcelo February 23, 2008
91 35
a verrrryyyyy tasty alcoholic beverage
recomendation: Appleton Rum (Jamaican Rum)
Yo man, let me get an Appleton Rum mixed with Coke
by Roccc August 29, 2006
108 55