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A unique form of the sport basketball, where most general rules are ignored and style is encouraged. Played outdoors, being the origin of the word. Usually considered a contact sport.
I can kick your ass at streetball any day, sucka. I got mad skillz, yo.
by DCx February 01, 2004
playing basketball outdoors on a blacktop. numerous basketball rules do not apply, no blood no foul.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
Streetball is basketball, but with certain rules relaxed. People do not resort to calling pussy fouls. Teams are usually 3 a side, and played on one basket. Over time, the game has become assosiated with tricks and difficult dunks, but this is only in conjunction with making the basket
Guy 1: Wanna go play some basketball?

Guy 2: No thanks, its too structured. I wouldnt mind a game of streetball tho.

Guy 1: Sweet. Streetball it is then
by Peace Out A Town January 03, 2005
A sport involving a basketball, a basketball court and a basketball net although the rules of basketball are thrown out. The idea of the game is to show the punk ass bitch gaurding you who's better. If having to bounce the ball of the back of his head will achieve this goal then go for it.
"Block this Bitch"
by Casanova M-baby February 28, 2004
A variation of Basketball focused mainly on humiliating the opponent instead of beating them.
The player tried to put the ball through the guys legs but it didn't work when the guy could have passed and got 2 more points ahead of the opposing team
by Steven December 23, 2003
A game of basketball played where players call their own fouls.Usually played on a street court or park.
I'm going to Rucker Park to play some street ball.
by OLI August 26, 2003
its basketball played by real champions who are not doing it for the money and don't cry on every foul.
pussys are not allowed to play streetball.
by SYK October 26, 2003
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