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Having an extra sex partner. Having sex with a friend as in friend with benefits while in a relationship with someone else.
I like fucking him on the side, just like I like ordering my salad dressing on the side.
by Frisco Stories August 12, 2008
a) someone's sidekick

b) an offensive term for someone's mistress or lover
If you want an on-the-side definition b), don't be in a classical ltr; look for an open relationship instead.
by sexydimma June 05, 2015
Having a sexual relationship with a person outside of one's primary, emotional relationship.

See, mistress.
"Hey man, I heard you were getting a little action on the side! Did you nail her?"
by Nathan V. August 07, 2008
weekend, the days on the sides of a calendar i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
Person 1: Hey what're you doing on the side?
Person 2: I'm going to Lake Taho with Matta dn Jess.
by Nikkola March 06, 2005
Gay, opposite of being straight.
That dude wearing the tight nipple shirt is on the side.
by mattoincapace October 16, 2005
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