When referring to a new steady hook-up.
Is that Dougs new handle?
Yeah, her name is Jen.
by CVHS May 05, 2003
1. To Fight.
2. Hook up.
1. "Hey, that dude's calling you out, you better handle!"
2. "Damn, she's hot, and she's staring you down bro! Handle it!"
by nizzlesizzlebizzlerizzleshiz August 21, 2006
Handled or handleage - Variation of ownage, so go look up ownage you dumb ass.
by cancerVssuicide January 28, 2003
A name used on most social media platforms. Also commonly referred to as a username.
Oh my god! Did you see Dans new Twitter handle @DanIsNowOnFire
by spicy flamingo July 19, 2016
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