ability to roll a joint like a cigarette. or lock a blunt so flawlessly that the cigarillo returns to its pre-gutted form.

also called dells or bars
guy1) who wants to twist this?

guy2) give it to kip... he's got the best handles.

guy1) you got them bars kip?

kip) you already know.

guy1) sounds good to me. lock this isshhh
#joint #blunt #pot #weed #cronic #sticky #sticky icky #hash #indo #sativa #indica
by ck slick March 17, 2010
To take care of something; to get something done
Person 1: I need to go buy groceries
Person 2: Handle that shit!
#take care of #finish #complete #get done #accomplish
by Beech Street November 02, 2007
financial (and increasingly general language) slang suffix used to imply an approximation, similar to -ish.
I can't believe Citi stock is trading at a 3-handle (~$3/share).

I need to stop eating those Burger King rib sticks ...I jumped on the scale last night and it showed a 2-hundred-handle for my weight. (relevant for someone who is typically less than 200 lbs).
#handle #stock market #approximately #-ish #exact
by wallstreet101 May 26, 2010
A word that can be used to replace almost any verb, but which adds extra emphasis to whatever verb it is replacing, while also adding an extra touch of masculinity.
Example 1.
Person1. Hey do you wanna handle a couple forties tonight?

Person2. I think we will handle more than just a couple!!!

Person 1. Yeah man we just handled some Burger King a couple hours ago.

Person 2. Sweet man lets go handle some people on Halo 3!!!

Person1.Dude did you see how Mike handled that one chick at the bar? She was on his jock all night!!!

Person2.Yeah man, he handles all the time!!! Maybe with training I'll be able to handle the same way.


Person1.Hey were going to go to the beach today and handle a swim, you wanna come?

Person2. Naw man, I have work today, I have to go handle.
#handle #handel #handl #hanlde #halnde
by Graveyard Vic August 24, 2009
To manipulate someone, especially for the purpose of conning him or her. The victim may be exploited themselves or merely used as a means to a greater end.
"Every time I try to talk to my boss about a raise, he ends up convincing me to take on more work for the same pay!"
"You gotta stop letting him handle you, man! Be more assertive!"
#con #manipulate #swindle #control #hustle
by Mask of Mirth December 09, 2008
Big rolls of fat at the side of the stomach on unfit females.
Hold on to her handles and bang her.
A guard's ability to control the ball in basketball
"The ROC handle like Van Axel"
by G-Blickity June 28, 2003
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