a gorgeous dork. i.e. A 5'11"-6' female nuclear scientist who is completely gorgeous, but has a super intellectual dorky side under the surface.
WOW! She is so incredibly gorgeous...but what a gork!
by Brian and Kermit February 10, 2008
A super geeky dork
"I'm proud to be a gork!"
by Rachel September 14, 2003
a girl who is an awkward dork
Johnny is cool... for making up the word GORK and using Barb's name!
by Johnny Petillo March 21, 2003
A gentleman orkutiya (gentleman+ork): one who hides his flirting skills behind a veil of sophistication
Even though he's such a gork, I love the way he praises women on social networks
by Humerian February 03, 2011
A cross between a GOOF and a DORK.
You're such a Gork. You are acting like a Gork!
by PKMK Matisn: To All Gorks! April 18, 2010
A person this is an idiot, asshole, dick sucker, clit licker, shit eater, and every insult you could imagine all in one.
You are a fucking gork!
by Taylachute January 31, 2010
The sound made from snorting cocaine.
Wow Mary Kate, nice gork!
by skawful22 September 14, 2008

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