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to be very drunk or heavily under the infulence of drugs
"I'm fucking licked mate"
by seano100 January 05, 2006
The word consists of several definitions:
1. Licked - To get a BJ/gummer
2. Licked - To get intoxicated

3. Licked - To get physically hit or deliver a hit in a violent manner
4. Licked - To steal or to be stolen from
1. "Hey did you hear Frank got licked by that broad"
2. "Bro I was so licked last night after that shot"
3. "Did you see me lick that guy open ice?"
4. "That guy licked 20 bones off me last night"
by Vinny72 October 18, 2010
Extremely high, too much of the wacky backy.
Man 1: Yes boss, whats good?
Man 2: Yeh cool

Man 1: What you do last night then?
Man 2: Just got bare licked with my mates in it.
by Badman 102 May 09, 2011
when you or someone you are talking to/ about is drunk or high, or they look drunk or high, it is known as looking or being licked!
feeling all licked

surrrr bruv you look alll licked

letz get licked
by mr.zooog January 08, 2008
To be pwned. Another way to use is depressed. To have a stain or wet spot on your pants.
I just roflpwned that lil kid! He looked so LICKED! afterwords.
by Maacks September 24, 2006
To steal something of someone
i just licked your 10 bucks
by winiblues November 20, 2008
to get robbed by som mu fuckas
yo dat cracka ass mufcka had a fatass wad on him and i told u i bout to hit a lick, so i scraped and licked that basketball eatin walrus ass mu fucka
by wolfpackkilla January 12, 2009
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