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To get fucked.
Jason: Dude I got laid last night
Bob: Awesome! Was she any good?
Jason: Naw I pretty much had to do it all myself
by anonymous August 19, 2003
1330 355
the first thing an egg does
"How do you expect me to get hard so fast?" the egg asked the boiling water. "I just got laid a minute ago."
by Mike the Ekim July 05, 2005
1166 454
To get laid means to have sex
some guys just wanna get laid
by Alina February 25, 2005
788 309
the ultimate purpose of life
I got laid last night by that hot cambodian
by dan July 26, 2004
950 522
getting sex
He's walking around with a big smile because he knows he's going to get laid.
by anonymous June 15, 2002
522 301
the solution to being "too uptight"
Your too uptight...go get laid.
by secret March 01, 2005
264 227
get fuck; have sex; get girls
hey bud, heard that your girlfriend is on a trip, let's go to the club and get some girls tonight.
yeaaaaaa, let's go get laiddddddddd.
by Jazz_jazz November 30, 2007
244 216