Top Definition
to turn on, or get sexually excited
"You're about to make me get hot right now."
"Oh Jim, you get me so hot."
by yeeees February 10, 2008
Military origin: To do hard work or exercise.

Interpretation: During strenuous activity, the body temperature will increase.
Moving equipment from point A to point B, sergeant yelling: "We don't have all day, get hot! Get hot!"

Doing morning PT: "Move your asses! Come on! Let's go! Get hot!"
by Rakor April 07, 2012
v. Get to work, get busy.
"You guys haven't started the project yet? Better get hot, biotches!"
by Carl Willis October 17, 2004
To get angry and about to hit somebody.
Nigga was gettin' hot, he was bout to steal on that bitch
by PerfectBalance February 05, 2005
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