Too eat so much you feel like you are about to explode
Oh man after eating that whole damn zebra, I'm gorked.

I'm going to go gork myself.
by Name June 06, 2004
Tripping on flat carpet.
1) Flat carpet.
2) Your dumb ass.
3) Oops. That sucked.
by GorkMan December 17, 2003
a guy that dates fat or generally unattractive girls
Gork had sex with Natalia again last night, he can't get laid by anyone else.
by P Benis October 14, 2004
When one has their anus licked while urinating
My girlfriend dumped me becuase i farted while she was gorking me
by BenTheGorker March 17, 2004
The name George + Dork
George is such a gork, he was driving around for 3 hours trying to find a club on the wrong street!
by Name January 12, 2005

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