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When your sex partner attempts to stick their finger in your anus during coitus.
"It freaked me out, I was hittin it and she tried to gork me."
by Mickey Wayne June 21, 2005
Something bad you do in the bathroom, ie vomiting
I was gorking in the bathroom this morning and he comes in and says, "Kathy's here. Come talk to her." And I'm sitting there gorking.
by Jan Martin March 16, 2005
a guy that dates fat or generally unattractive girls
Gork had sex with Natalia again last night, he can't get laid by anyone else.
by P Benis October 14, 2004
When one has their anus licked while urinating
My girlfriend dumped me becuase i farted while she was gorking me
by BenTheGorker March 17, 2004
The name George + Dork
George is such a gork, he was driving around for 3 hours trying to find a club on the wrong street!
by Name January 12, 2005