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A funny amazing girl that noboday wants to mess with. She's like the best person you'll ever meet. She can make you laugh and can never stop smiling. Right when you meet her you'; automatically be drawn into her. You'll want to hang with her forever and youl never be able to hang up with her on the phone.
Natalia is so lovable
by JoJoBear=D January 28, 2009
a fantastic amazing girl who is beautiful and kind and has a strong personality as well as being extremely intelligent.

someone who everyone is in love with.

also very polite and skilled in all that she does.

if you meet a natalia, persist in staying in touch. a natalia is someone you ought to keep for life.
-that girl is sooo amazing; she is practically a natalia!

-i know, i love her, she GREAT

-lets go stalk her!!!!

by M.Styles April 22, 2010
Natalia is someone who is very beautifull, and you'll be drawn to her since the first time you meet her, has the most amazing smile and eyes and she has a very nice style. she deffinately knows how to have fun, very adventureous, sweet and caring. she's the most beautiful person you will ever meet, gives out the best advice. every boy loves her, once you get her you wouldn't want to let go. she has a nice sexy body and cares for her health. very intelligent a big romantic and loves kids. sometimes can be too bubbly. but a person you don't want to mess with because she can get a little mad. one of the best people to ever exist, a true beauty. biggest ass ever!!
i found a natalia, she's perfect
by omgjustpickaname November 18, 2010
Worlds most amazing, beautiful, smart, funny girl you will ever meet, she is so fun to be around and think she is great.
Hey your almost as good as Natalia
by Sparkie Mad-dog April 26, 2012
A girl who is kind as anyone can ever imagine. She always can make someone feel better and is a really good friend. Always is really understanding and can help you out of any situation. She has an amazing sense of humour and knows how to have fun! She will always stick by you if you are her friend and will always be kind and take care of you. She is very romantic and is an excellent kisser. She usually has a huge booty and huge boobies She will do wonders in your sexual life! If you ever loose her you will never forgive yourself because it will be most biggest mistake of your life. She will always make sure you are feeling ok and knows when you want space. If you ever find a Natalia never let her go. Everyone wants and needs a Natalia to take care of them!
by thepersonwhostaksyou March 12, 2012
the most ridiculous person evr. shes so beautiful its unfathomable...also known as firby.
kid #1 hey whos that girl??
kid #2 thats natalia. I stalk her.
by istalknatalia April 13, 2011
a very beautiful girl with AMAZING hair. she has the best smile and is so nice to everyone but if she hates you its because you did something to piss her off and if she hates you REALLY hates you. you don't wanna piss her off. she's zoo sweet and caring. she will give you the best advice. always bubbly, really outgoing. natalia is really missable. everyone misses her. once you meet her you better keep her cause if you leave her you will miss her after 2 seconds. anyone who gets to date her should feel really lucky cause she has an amazing personality and will make you feel loved. i feel sorry for you if you don't. you meet a natalia who is pieces you better keep her and never loose her. you will regret it. don't loose her.
kid 1: i love natalia so much
kid 2: me too lets go stalk her
by 697heyhey February 15, 2014
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