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A person this is an idiot, asshole, dick sucker, clit licker, shit eater, and every insult you could imagine all in one.
You are a fucking gork!
by Taylachute January 31, 2010
A word meaning the word dork + geek combined.
You are such a drok and you are a geek at the same time, I don't know but you my friend are a gork.
by Kelard December 06, 2005
Slang from the early 1960s: a person who flatulates in a tub of water, then pierces the resultant gas bubbles with his or her nose.
Johnny likes to gork while waiting for the tub water to get hot again.
by Larry_the_K January 02, 2006
A guy or girl who is also a dork.
Jane was a gork and played Halo 2 until 4 a.m.
by Young Geezer March 17, 2005
Too eat so much you feel like you are about to explode
Oh man after eating that whole damn zebra, I'm gorked.

I'm going to go gork myself.
by Name June 06, 2004
Tripping on flat carpet.
1) Flat carpet.
2) Your dumb ass.
3) Oops. That sucked.
by GorkMan December 17, 2003
a girl who is an awkward dork
Johnny is cool... for making up the word GORK and using Barb's name!
by Johnny Petillo March 21, 2003