One of the two Warhammer Orc gods. Constantly warring with sibling, Mork.
"Me'z der messag.. mesang.. TALKER of Gork 'n Mork. Mi'z arsho a sharman. Me'zh a gort er Big stikk, and, er, mezha gonna blurgeon any ladz 'n boyz 'n gobbos 'n stunties 'n tings, dart don't like Gork 'n Mork."
by Warhammer Nerd March 27, 2004
in junkie parlance; to puke.
I banged some skag but it was weak and I got cheated out of my gork.
by Ned Sneed February 10, 2004
A cross between a GOOF and a DORK.
You're such a Gork. You are acting like a Gork!
by PKMK Matisn: To All Gorks! April 18, 2010
A word meaning the word dork + geek combined.
You are such a drok and you are a geek at the same time, I don't know but you my friend are a gork.
by Kelard December 06, 2005
When your sex partner attempts to stick their finger in your anus during coitus.
"It freaked me out, I was hittin it and she tried to gork me."
by Mickey Wayne June 21, 2005
A guy or girl who is also a dork.
Jane was a gork and played Halo 2 until 4 a.m.
by Young Geezer March 17, 2005
Something bad you do in the bathroom, ie vomiting
I was gorking in the bathroom this morning and he comes in and says, "Kathy's here. Come talk to her." And I'm sitting there gorking.
by Jan Martin March 16, 2005

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