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Name given to a fully erect penis which shrinks to almost nothing after a particularly sickening or hurtful event during lovemaking.

So, I was banging away, when my dick came out on the downstroke and hit her pudenda on the upstroke. The grouchy turtle would not let me get any more that night.


She queefed while I was eatin' her. My proud peacock became a grouchy turtle after that mess.
by Larry_the_K October 27, 2006
After performing anal sex on a partner, you wipe your feces covered penis between the breasts, resluting in a stripe of feces. Immediately afterward, yelling "Mud tie!"
"Man, that bitch didn't know what to do after I pulled out of her ass and gave her the mud tie."
by Larry_the_K January 03, 2006
Slang from the early 1960s: a person who flatulates in a tub of water, then pierces the resultant gas bubbles with his or her nose.
Johnny likes to gork while waiting for the tub water to get hot again.
by Larry_the_K January 02, 2006

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