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A goblin is a class above goon, and below gargoyle. The ranks are Goon==>Goblin==>Gargoyle. Everything about a goblin is better than a goon. Goblins don't take shit from goons, but may from gargoyle's. A goblin is good.
Chris: Santa Cruz has hella goon pearl!
Alex: its better than goon man, its goblin!
Chris: Jordan Hodges is pretty goon.

Alex (referring to himself): Yea, but what's a goon to a goblin?
by ayegee February 11, 2010
class of gangster above a goon. rich,, powerful, yet still from the hood. killing on others below them and has much more authority. usually the head of gangs and has much protection, but always loyal and always keep it real
"whats a goon to a goblin" -lil wayne (a millie)
by jay-tang July 12, 2008
Better than a Goon Harder More Gangster than a Goon
You Say That You A Goon But Whats A Goon To A Goblin-LiL Wayne
by dontneed2no July 11, 2008
Small, usually green (although red and brown varieties are common) bipedal creature, the goblin is possessed of a keen cunning, and although not often very wise, goblins tend toward the highly intelligent.

Goblins can be highly malicious, coming from a very competitive society. Some groups of goblins work together strongly under great leaders, whilst others may simply bicker and squabble amongst themselves.

Goblins have a sharp and sometimes biting sense of humour, and their simplistic logic often makes for hilarious situations - however, it may also provide the goblin a mechanism unthought of by more logical and less chaotic species.

Possibly related to orcs (ork).
Leaf the Wood Elf: Are you an evil baby-eating necromancer, Skwelch?
Skwelch the powerful goblin necromancer: I iZ nOt and nEvvA aZ bIn a neKroManseR! eYe iZ a fAYmuS goBblyN baRdd!
Leaf: OK then!
by wererogue January 09, 2004
A woman of short stature, who dresses as a slut, and is insane (redundant, all women are insane).
Nicole "Snooki" on Jersey Shores.
"Snooki is a cross between a goblin and another goblin" -Dan O'Brien
by Pip-alicious January 10, 2010
The vile shit that one takes the morning after consuming a large amount of alcohol the night before. Usually occurs before or instead of vomiting during a hang over. Also happens 99% of the time after drinking 4loko.
Liza: "Hey guys, this is kinda vulgar, but I cant stop shitting after sippin' on the 4lokos last night."
Joe: "Yeah no shit ya prick, its called shitting out a goblin. Hehehe"
by 4lokoPrincess October 06, 2010
An unfortunate looking socially awkward male who lurks in clubs to pull women
Did you see that guy Andy at the bar last night? He's such a goblin!
by SlyDog'12 November 11, 2012
An alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka and monster, when drank the stimulant of the caffeine fights against the depressant of the alcohol to create an intense buzz.
"Man that goblin had me shit faced last night"
by Poontang July 17, 2014