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An extreamly comfortable fabric.

See voluptous
Damn... my corduroy pants are comfy
by B_L_A_N_K November 05, 2006
Pretty much the greatest thing you could ever wear.
Wooh, that guy had a corduroy one piece on! If only he had a beard, then he would be the coolest guy ever!
by Elliott Ayling November 23, 2008
Freshly prepared pistes, names after the striped ridges of snow left behind by the piste machines.
Hey, that corduroy looks good. Let's ski it!

I cruised miles of corduroy today.
by sifriday March 02, 2009
Calendar dates containing the number "11", especially November 11 of any year.
"Hey, it's 11/11, let's have a Corduroy Day party!"
by Revelveteen March 12, 2013