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An extreamly comfortable fabric.

See voluptous
Damn... my corduroy pants are comfy
by B_L_A_N_K November 05, 2006
50 8
Pretty much the greatest thing you could ever wear.
Wooh, that guy had a corduroy one piece on! If only he had a beard, then he would be the coolest guy ever!
by Elliott Ayling November 23, 2008
28 7
Freshly prepared pistes, names after the striped ridges of snow left behind by the piste machines.
Hey, that corduroy looks good. Let's ski it!

I cruised miles of corduroy today.
by sifriday March 02, 2009
20 3
Calendar dates containing the number "11", especially November 11 of any year.
"Hey, it's 11/11, let's have a Corduroy Day party!"
by Revelveteen March 12, 2013
0 0