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Small, usually green (although red and brown varieties are common) bipedal creature, the goblin is possessed of a keen cunning, and although not often very wise, goblins tend toward the highly intelligent.

Goblins can be highly malicious, coming from a very competitive society. Some groups of goblins work together strongly under great leaders, whilst others may simply bicker and squabble amongst themselves.

Goblins have a sharp and sometimes biting sense of humour, and their simplistic logic often makes for hilarious situations - however, it may also provide the goblin a mechanism unthought of by more logical and less chaotic species.

Possibly related to orcs (ork).
Leaf the Wood Elf: Are you an evil baby-eating necromancer, Skwelch?
Skwelch the powerful goblin necromancer: I iZ nOt and nEvvA aZ bIn a neKroManseR! eYe iZ a fAYmuS goBblyN baRdd!
Leaf: OK then!
by wererogue January 09, 2004
The personal past tense of frag - to have been killed by someone in a computer game.
I just got fragged by that tank, again!

That's 16 times I've fragged you now, Jeff!
by wererogue January 09, 2004
An object or action used to physically represent something unobtainable or difficult to achieve. Often used in larp.
Player: "Here is my physrep for a trap"
Pulls out foam square covered in gaffa tape
Ref: "That'll do, I guess"

Player: "My character jumps across the ravine"
Ref: "Physrep it"
by wererogue August 18, 2005

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