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Small Scottish irritating, green whiney creature.
Natalie Green of the North
by Weegie January 13, 2005
10 25
Like an internet Troll only unaware of that fact. Goblins glob onto causes for the most idiotic of reasons, and in the process make the cause or group they are involved in look as stupid as they are. Unlike a Troll they are unaware of the damage they cause.
Little Ms. Gloomy's take on free school lunch made the other Vegans look as retarded as she was,
by Zippo138 February 15, 2004
8 23
(noun) A charcter from www.homestarrunner.com who was originally the subject of a ghost story and normally features in Halloween themed animations although appeared briefly in "Where's The Cheat?" He is green, short and like Homstar has a distictive underbite and appears to have no arms. Enjoys looking around, dancing, hiding and is usually accompanied by organ music. To be approached with caution.
Homstar: Once, there was this Green Goblin and he um, used to look around and um, I guess he did a dance
by Bigfatnobody October 11, 2003
7 22
Somebody who talks a big game up front, but the second any real issues come their way run scared. Goblins are also deathly afraid of goons and will seek protection from said goons if confronted by one.
What is a goon to a goblin? apparently a goon is a lot to a goblin since the goblin couldn't handle the goon by himself.
by @n0nymus April 12, 2010
3 19
An epic troll with ninja skills. Often people dont even find out who just goblin'd them.
Ed puts his bag down, turns around for 1 sec and then looks back only to find his bag has been nuggeted along with all the contents inside.
Ed : WTF who just goblin'd me!?!?!
by .NiLBoG.CipE September 23, 2009
6 22
a small creature of ranging colours very mischievios and quick
also known as a 'Denny'
1.damb that goblin is annoying

2.damb that denny stole my shoes
by the hills slope December 03, 2006
5 21
A drug fiend. Someone who abuses or steals drugs
Harry has gone from just experimenting with pot to being a total goblin about the whole thing, man.
by The Krunk Wizard Giz August 09, 2006
9 26