a super troll who wont be quiet in comment sections, might even take as up to two comment since there is not that many characters for comment boxes. almost as if it was super saiyan 1 for trolls. after that its hobbit you don't want to meet him.
some dude kept writing back after i told him he won the argument and kept calling me a faggot, stupid goblin , can't take my opinion.
by --MANDINGO-- May 07, 2011
Any male who is shorter than his wife or girlfriend.
ie- Tom Cruise has been a Goblin 3X over and most recently with Katie Holmes
by Vesc February 05, 2010
Goblins are like trolls except they always fail. If you ever see a someone who tried to troll but obviously failed the correct term for them is a goblin. Goblins are lame, pathetic and unfunny versions of trolls.
Mike: Wow look at that troll making a fool of himself. He's such a fail.
Roger: He's a goblin not a troll. But yeah, he's pretty pathetic.
by GOBLIN111111 August 17, 2011
A fat, ugly, poor Somalian male. They are usually around 6-feet tall, have a giant protruding ass and gut that makes them look like a huge pear, and who's families lawn costs more than their house, which is inhabited by about 15 other goblins.
holy shit, there's so many goblins at this school!

I know! that one over there with glasses looks like he was just picked from the produce aisle at Kroeger, where he probably works for 25 cents an hour looking like a giant brown rotting pear!
by Rah'k'shmoud February 02, 2011
The politically correct term for a person of small stature. See also: gnome
"Hey look a Midget"
"They prefer to be called Goblins now"
by RJ Bozman December 08, 2007
A goblin is a class above goon, and below gargoyle. The ranks are Goon==>Goblin==>Gargoyle. Everything about a goblin is better than a goon. Goblins don't take shit from goons, but may from gargoyle's. A goblin is good.
Chris: Santa Cruz has hella goon pearl!
Alex: its better than goon man, its goblin!
Chris: Jordan Hodges is pretty goon.

Alex (referring to himself): Yea, but what's a goon to a goblin?
by ayegee February 11, 2010
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