To describe the locals from the Portsmouth area, the lowest of the low
'Look at them fat goblins in the crop tops'
by Sugababes February 08, 2014
An alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka and monster, when drank the stimulant of the caffeine fights against the depressant of the alcohol to create an intense buzz.
"Man that goblin had me shit faced last night"
by Poontang July 17, 2014
Goblin is, A person of higher rank,authority.
someone who has more power, money, respect, smarts.
Whats a goon to a goblin -lil wayne
by 7713 August 27, 2008
The opposite of a troll...instead of posting mindless things goblins over use logic and reason in their posts
Troll #1-This is now a pony thread
Troll #2-posts Spirit
Goblin #25-Spirit is not actually a pony refers to a horse that is small or under a certian also refers to a league of baseball and in Full Metal Panic is the catch phrase of the Pedopony

Troll#3-Posts hentai version of Rainbow Dash
by Agreatninjatroll June 10, 2011
1. Weird, epic brat
2. William A.'s spirit animal
"Wow, I never realized what a total goblin he was until now."
by Eddaaa August 30, 2013
Is like a kingpin, he the boss, he doesn't do the dirty work he gets goons to do it.
What's a goon to a goblin?
by dabestthug June 20, 2009
A joint laced with DMT. Infamous because of the harsh texture of the smoke, and the difficulty in smoking it.
"I smoked some DMT in a Goblin one time, I didn't even trip because I couldn't even get enough of the smoke."
by flypastmortals October 18, 2011

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